Who are you?

I’m Becky, the supreme ruler of the Crumbdoodles universe.  I’m in my twenties, living in Maine with my husband and a large collection of animals both furred and finned.  I like running, astronomy, South Park, practicing cursive writing, photography, and gardening.  Oh, and cooking, and writing about cooking.

Why do you have this blog?

I started this blog under the name “beckeverything” in February 2010 as a way to deal with the stress of graduate school (Oh yeah, I’m also in graduate school).  I quickly realized that I really enjoy the various aspects of blogging: the web design element, the writing, and of course, the FOOD.

Why did you call it “Crumbdoodles“?

The word “crumbdoodles” has a fairly long history in my vocabulary.  When I was very young, my parents were adamant about us kids not using any foul language.  This included, among the usual official swears, the word “crap.”  Anyone who has ever been a pre-teen knows that one simply must have a word like “crap” to use when one is particularly irked.  As a child who was irked quite frequently, I filled the void by making up my own word to use.  That word was “crumbdoodles.”  Yes.  So, “crumbdoodles” had its beginnings as a modified expletive used incessantly by a 10-year-old.  Now, so many years later, I find that I just like the word.  Also, the roots “crumb” and “doodle” are appropriate for this blog, the former because obviously much of my food has crumbs in some form or another and the latter because I occasionally post happy little doodles instead of photographs with my recipes.  “Crumbdoodles” is also (apparently) unique to me.  When I Googled it, Google asked me if I meant “crumb doodles,” which of course I did not.  So, Crumbdoodles it is.

You should not, however, assume that my use of the word “crumbdoodles” implies that my food is crap.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Are you a vegetarian?

Uh, no.  Me likeey the meat-based dishes.  However, I also like vegetarian and vegan cooking, as it often uses interesting techniques and ingredients.  Not to mention it’s usually pretty tasty.  But, no, I like bacon way too much to be a vegetarian.

What kinds of food to you write about?

Firstly, I post predominantly about food I make.  Occasionally I may be so enraptured with a food product found in some store or restaurant that I’ll post about it.  For the most part, though, the purpose of this blog is for me to write about things I make and tell you how it turned out (for better or for worse).  From there, the food is really up for grabs.  I particularly like to make oddball recipes, like homemade pop-tarts or weird pickled things or international dishes.  I also frequently make comfort food like mac and cheese, pizza, or chocolate chip cookies, though I try to make those healthier than they traditional counterparts if I can.  To be honest, no recipe is off limits (unless it contains an ingredient I can’t stomach like, um, tripe–haha, cow stomach, get the pun?).

One of the key ideas behind Crumbdoodles, and indeed behind my entire life philosophy, is that food is best when made at home from fresh and local ingredients.  While many of the recipes on Crumbdoodles would not be considered “healthy” in any way, I do try to focus on real, healthy food that I can incorporate into my daily life.  This is an ongoing project, for which I do a lot of research about the best, tastiest ingredients and cooking methods.

I try to not to get on a soapbox, but frequently I am deeply disturbed by the amount of “food” we (especially kids) consume that is not actually food at all.  My philosophy about cooking is to avoid processed or packaged foods as much as possible.  You will never, ever see a recipe on my blog that uses packaged cake mix.  EVER.  And that’s a promise.

Where do you find recipes to try?

I find them anywhere.  Sometimes I use cookbooks I have on my cookbook shelf.  Mostly, though, my inspiration comes from foodgawker.com.  I have this site and many other food blogs I follow collected in my Google RSS feed reader, so I can browse them all at the same time, without having to click from page to page.  If you haven’t tried an RSS reader to follow your favorite blogs (of which I am sure mine is one), I highly recommend it.  I do everything else in Google, so I use theirs, but there are other RSS readers available.

Do you take requests for recipes to make and post about?

Sure, I’m always happy to hear recommendations or ideas from readers!  I can’t promise I will get to all of them, but please post any ideas, recommendations, or comments and I’ll do my best.

What kinds of photos do you post?

I typically post one to three photos of each finished dish.  In lieu of photos (when the camera is MIA or the battery is dead) I often post a happy little doodle of the dish, complete with anthropomorphized ingredients.

Give me some random details about yourself.

1) I cook with onions, but I rarely eat them.  In fact, I have perfected a method for using onions in soups, stews, chowders, and sauces…chop them so big (usually quarters) that I can easily pull them out of my bowl and add them to hubby’s.  🙂

2) I am seriously addicted to musicals, on stage and screen.  The stereo in my kitchen is used almost exclusively for belting out show tunes while I cook.

3) My favorite dish to make is pizza.  It’s versatile, and you can make it all from scratch if you so desire.  Plus, I get to crank the oven really, really hot to make pizza…it’s the closest I can get to cooking with actual fire.  Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a pyro?

4) One of my most favorite things to do is go camping.  Despite my dislike of most bugs, I really enjoy being outside, sleeping outside, cooking outside, and playing outside.  Campfires are the bomb, and let me just tell you–fajitas cooked over an open fire in the middle of nowhere?  Delish.

5) My horrible, terrible, so-bad-for-you food weakness is….donuts.  It’s bad, and donut shops are EVERYWHERE in Maine.  I can’t drive 2 miles without running into a donut.  I try to be good because I know donuts are no friend of my waistline, but sometimes I cave to the temptation.  All-time favorite?  The Canadian maple donut at Tim Horton’s.  So yummy.


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